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Select your chocolates piece by piece as if you were in our shop in Seaford East Sussex. Choose any number of chocolates from top quality makers in Belgium. We will pack your chocolates into a gold ballotin (box) with house ribbons, perfect for self indulgence or for that special gift. Make your selection from all the chocolates in these categories, which we have split into Dark, Milk and White, for your convenience. You can choose from one chocolate to as many as you like (it's all priced by weight). So feel free to select the quantity you would like. We will match the appropriate box size to your order, and if you select a very large amount we will split your order between extra boxes if necessary. If you would like us to make a selection for you instead, please go to [Belgian Chocolates Ready To Go Selection Boxes] Happy choosing. These are some of Belgium's finest!

Upcoming Products

These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
Sonia (Fruity Praline) 01/02/2022
Galette (Hazelnut Praline) 01/02/2022
Parisienne (Hazelnut Praline) 01/02/2022
Lava 01/02/2022
Framboise (Raspberry Mousse) 01/02/2022
Tennis (Coffee Caramel) 01/02/2022
Papua New Guinea (Pineapple and Banana) 01/02/2022
Ghana (Mango and Hazelnut Ganache) 01/02/2022
Brazil (Caipirinha Ganache) 01/02/2022
Ecuador (Coffee and Caramel Ganache) 01/02/2022
Ivory Coast (Strawberry and Raspberry Ganache) 01/02/2022
Cerise Kirsch 01/02/2022
Cocoa Marzipan 01/02/2022
Tiramisu 01/02/2022
Besame Mucho Milk (Smooth Hazelnut Praline) 01/02/2022
Besame Mucho Dark (Smooth Hazelnut Praline) 01/02/2022
Banana (Milk Chocolate with a Light Soft Banana Centre) 01/02/2022
Truffle Dark Chocolate 01/02/2022
Truffle Milk Chocolate 01/02/2022
Amandel (Truffle Covered in Flaked Toasted Almonds) 01/02/2022
Sweet Love (Raspberry and Caramel Ganache) 01/02/2022
Eva (Caramel and Praline) 01/02/2022
Vanuatu (Almond Milk Ganache) 01/02/2022
Valentino (Dark) Hazelnut Praline 01/02/2022
Pistachio Marzipan 01/02/2022
Champagne Cork (Ganache & Champagne) 01/02/2022
Prestige (Marzipan) 01/02/2022
Marijke (Praline & Coffee) 01/02/2022
Mendiant (Dark) 01/02/2022
Nougatine (Almond Nougat) Dark Chocolate 01/02/2022
Valentino (Milk) Praline with whole Hazelnuts 01/02/2022
Irish Coffee 01/02/2022
Juliet (Hazelnut Praline) 01/02/2022
Fruits de Mer (Hazelnut Praline) 01/02/2022
Cannelle (Cinnamon Praline) 01/02/2022
Coconut 01/02/2022
Princess (Hazelnut Praline) 01/02/2022
Champagne Truffle 01/02/2022
Brugs Zwaantje (Hazelnut Praline) 01/02/2022
Poireke (Poire Williams Liqueur Ganache) 01/02/2022